Takenouchi Route stretches about 26 kilometers. It starts from Sakai City in Osaka Prefecture eastward through the southern foot of Mt. Nijyo, then over the Takenouchi mountain pass nearly up to Nagao Shrine.  It is the oldest public road, which was built in 574, (21st year of the Emperor Suiko). Back then, this route connected the capital of Asuka and Naniwa.

On the route, there are many old temples, shrines and relics. These places developed as post stations for travelers.  Even today, there are old Yamato style houses along the route that  creates the atmosphere of back then. 

The mother of Shiba Ryotaro, a Japanese writer, had a family home in Takenouchi. So, Ryotaro spent his childhood here. As  in his book called Kaido-o-Yuku (Walking along the streets), he wrote about the Takenouchi Route.


Location: From Nagao, Katsuragi City to Takenouchi, a part of Katsuragi City

Access: 3 minutes’ walk from the Iwaki Station on the Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line.  The Takenouchi route starts from there and goes towards the west.