This stone monument praises a dutiful girl who devoted her life for her feeble and sick father.  It is on the way to the Izanagi Jinjya Shrine from the old Shimoichi Route (Kyushimoichi Kaido).  

When her father fell ill, someone told her that eels would cure his sickness.  But it was impossible to get one in this  mountainous area.  She could not give up the hope of getting an eel for her father.  Perhaps her wish reached heaven.  Late at night, she heard some sound from a water jug. She looked inside the jug and found, to her surprise, an eel.  She cooked it at once and served it to her father.  He immediately recovered from his illness and became healthy again.

Because of this legend, Iwaki Elementary School's symbol is shaped as  a water jug.  On February 27, the anniversary of Ima’s death, an annual memorial service is held, and the elementary school students take part in it too.


Address: 461 Nagao, Katsuragi City

Access: 12 minutes’ walk from the Iwaki Station on the Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line