What you can do at home to minimize the danger at disaster 


There are several things you can do to protect you and your family in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons. 


To prevent furniture and things from falling

Place special non-skid mats to stop items from sliding or adhesive sheets under TVs, computers or altars.

Attach large furniture such as book cases or wardrobes to the wall or the floor with a safety device. 

Place your furniture so that they will not be in your way of getting out. 


To prevent fire

Unplug the cords of electric appliances when not using.

Set fire alarms.


To prevent from getting injured

Prevent glass splash by using special films or sheets. 


To prevent from getting lost

Talk with your family members and neighbors about what to do in case of disaster such as a way of contacting each other, which shelter to use and how to get there.


Have an emergency backpack ready all the time

Backpacks should weigh about 15 kg for males and 10 kg for females. It should contain food, first aid kit, safety items, valuables, daily necessities and clothes.


Have the emergency stock all the time

The stock should be enough for several days, at least 3 days. 

It should contain food, water, 3 litters of drinking water per person, fuel for cooking, and special food for elderly people and infants.