Information by Internet

You can find the information such as amount of rainfall or the water levels of rivers on the Internet.

The Homepage of Katsuragi City

Nara Prefecture

Information System of the Rivers in Nara Prefecture

Soil-erosion Control and Amount of Water in the Rivers in Nara Prefecture

The Meteorological Agency


When you think it is time to evacuate your  home, don't wait for the city's announcement and just leave.  

Carry something that tells your name, address and contacts. We recommend you to have such cards ready for children and elderlies beforehand. Make sure that they carry these items with them. 

Avoid using cars when you move to shelters.

Cars stop working when water level is higher than 30 centimeters. 

Take minimum things with you. Use a backpack so that your  hands are free.

Leave a message  at home to absent family members where you are going.

Avoid being alone and help each other with neighbors. Take the safe evacuation route to the planned shelters. 

Avoid the river banks, low spots and underground passes, and try using wide and safe roads.

Once you reached at a shelter, follow the instructions of the people in charge. Report your name and address.



Emergency Telephone Numbers

Fire and Emergency: 119  

Police: 110

Fire Station of Katsuragi City: 0745-69-7171