Yashikiyama Park is an urban park.  It is the center of history and culture of the area.

The park is situated at the foot of Mt. Katsuragi. Its rich nature with green and water attracts people not only in the city but also from nearby towns.

In ancient times, it was the spot of the powerful Katsuragi clan.  In the mid - 5th century, which was the mid-tumulus

period, a 140 meter-long keyhole-shaped tumulus was built. This tumulus is called Yashikiyama tumulus. 

Later, in Edo era, Kuwayamashi moved from Kishu to this area  and built Jinya, the Shinjyo Castle. They also built samurai residences.

Shinjyocho Town started to build a comprehensive historic park of 58,000 square meters here in 1970 as an urban planning project. It was completed in 1975. The park includes the Yashikiyama tumulus, Central Public Hall, City Gymnasium and a playground.


Yashikiyama Tumulus was designated as a national historic spot in March, 1972.

At present, various events are held all year round. There is the Park Festival in early May every year. Many people come to join different events during the festival.

In mid-July, the fireworks display is held. It is sponsored by the Municipal Council of Commerce and Industry. Many come to see the fireworks.

In spring and fall,  we have many visitors to the park, including school kids.


Address: 17 Minami Fujii, Katsuragi City

TEL: 0745-69-5131

FAX: 0745-69-6884 


Hours open: am9:00 – pm5:00