Address: 1563 Teraguchi, Katsuragi City

TEL: 0745-69-7501

Hours open: 9 am – 5 pm


Katsuragisanroku Park is at the foot of Mt. Katsuragi in Teraguchi area which is in the southwestern part of Katsuragi City.  It is also in the Oshimi Valley and Namaru Valley, close to Yamaguchi and Hiraoka area.

Lot size is about 12.1 hectares. A cemetery and a crematory  are attached to it.  The foot of Mt. Katsuragi is a part of the Group of Teraguchi Oshimi Tumuli, where our ancestors’ spirits were worshipped.

Katsuragi park is rich in nature with green, water and good view of the Yamato plain. The each season has its beauty. It is a popular spot for people all year round. 


In the park, there is a lawn area, an outdoor stage, Japanese croquet court, suspension bridge, a gazebo, children's playground, as well as walking paths. There is a spot where you can see whole Yamato plain at one sight. 

In 1996, a multi-purpose plaza opened next to this park.  There is a barbecue facility there but the use is limited to the residents and the workers in the city.