Katsuragi City is the birthplace of sumo.  We have the Sumo Pavilion to show the history of sumo wrestling.


The Sumo Pavilion opened in May, 1990.  It is a rare museum of  sumo.  The Sumo Pavilion offers many activities for visitors to highlight Taimanokehaya, who was the starter of the sumo. The activities are also for spreading sumo to the visitors and tourists.    In the center of the first floor, there is a real size sumo ring.  On the second floor, there is an history exhibition of sumo and local wresters.  


The first sumo in front of the Emperor

Nihonshoki, the Chronicle of Japan, described the origin of Sumo, which was Nominosukune vs. Taimanokehaya as following:

In Taima Village, Yamato, there was a man called Taimanokehaya.  He was so strong that he could break horns and antlers of animals with his  hands. He bragged everyday, “There is no one in the world who can compete with me. If there is, I will challenge”.  The Emperor heard this and asked his servants, “Isn’t there anyone who is strong enough to fight evenly with Taimanokehaya?”.  One of the servants answered,  “There is a person called Nominosukune in the Province of Izumo.  How about bringing him here and let him fight against Kehaya?”  The Emperor agreed and the fight between Nominosukune and Taimanokehaya was held on July 7, 7th year of the Suinin era.  They fought for a long time kicking each other.  Kehaya lost his life in this fight.  This fight was the origin of sumo and the first Sumo wrestling in front of the Emperor.